about me - misfit hue photography

my name is kymberlie birkenkamp and i'm a local girl who spends a lot of time traveling near and far, cooking eclectic dishes for my meat and potato loving boyfriend, and exploring and connecting on social media... when i'm not photographing and editing, of course!

i have an insatiable curiosity.

as a kid, i loved photography, but was wooed by radio and set my sights on being a broadcaster. several years and careers later, a friend handed me an old sony cybershot and sent me into a festival to have some fun. since then, photography has been my primary passion.

i've always been a people watcher. my camera allows me to go out, and not just photograph people, but also the things we leave behind that tell our stories, the markers of our lives.

why the name misfit hue? i’m my own bohemian shade of happy on the color wheel and my art is always evolving. i'm a boutique photographer whose style is a cross between photojournalistic and artistic.

more than anything, i enjoy capturing the love story of a bride and groom, the singular, unique quality of an individual, artist, or family and giving life to your concept. for me, an event or session is more than just a shoot—it’s an entire experience. i want our time together to leave you enjoying your experience in front of my lens as much as you will enjoy your images.

you have a story. let me show you just how amazing it is!

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